Clements' Family Dentistry Now Offers Invisalign

Clements’ Family Dentistry is excited to announce the addition of Invisalign to its smile-enhancing services. If you’re looking to straighten those pearly whites, schedule an appointment with Dr. Duane Sprau and see what he can do for you.

Orthodontists have been beautifying smiles for over 100 years using braces. Within the last 20 years, the steel wire-and-bracket method has evolved to a more complementary form of dental correction - Invisalign.

Using three-dimensional imaging tools, dentists map out the points of correction and design plastic aligners that hug your teeth like a layer of clear skin.  The aligners are renewed every two weeks or so to nudge teeth further into place.

Some dentists say Invisalign is more effective as the procedure is completed in about one year in contrast to the two to four years needed for traditional braces.

Giving great benefit to the Invisalign procedure, they are virtually invisible and they can be removed for cleaning - definitely a procedure designed with cosmetics in mind.